Friday, 24 February 2012

bookshelf... an initiative

"They hide the books in the library."
"Hmmm... Hiding books in a library? I couldn't have thought of that."
"Seriously yaar. Waise to novels milengi nahi. Aur kisi ko milti bhi hai to wahin kisi kone mein chupa ke rakh dete hain."

In an year or so I had realised that to think of library as anything more than a channel for TBLS will be like too much of an optimistic view. It has its pluses in form of reading room, macs, photocopy and not to forget couples (for couples is what i mean) but that's about it.

So I, along with a few friends decided to do something about it. In our third sem (July-Aug 2011), we made a pool of our books and decided to buy a few more so as to have a good collection and bookshelf was born in Rajiv. Through it people can rent out books they would like to read at low prices. It is a steal for fast readers and we're working on making it one for average readers as well.