Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Online Bookstores in India

Here we are trying to create a list of online stores you can head to to find your favorite titles. We will be adding more details as the post develops.

Flipkart.com - Very Reliable. Excellent deliveries. Costly in comparison to other online book buying avenues. 

Landmarkonthenet.com - Similiar to Flipkart. Almost matches their deliveries and generally cheaper.

Homeshop18.com - One of the cheapest online book buying option available right now. Collection is nice. Their delivery though, is a bit lax.

Shopping.indiatimes.comAnother excellent book-buying avenue. They generally have lots of discounts offer going on which makes their deals even more cheaper. Their collection is good and delivery is also satisfactory.

uread.com - A lesser known but good online bookstore out there. Their collection is decent and price is also comparable to Landmarkonthenet. Their delivery is also quite satisfactory.

Indiaplaza.in - Okay delivery. Quite cheap prices (cheaper than flipkart and Landmarkonthenet).

Ebay.in - These also offer quite impressive pricing.They have a separate section called read.ebay.in in which the prices are even lower than their main page.

Friendsofbooks.com - The place where you can buy USED books. Their delivery is nice. Don't worry about the condition of the used books.The condition of each book is mentioned against it and you can safely rely upon that. The only problem is that their collection of used book is not impressive.

Maansu.com - Their website does not impresses much. But they also have rock bottom prices, though the problem is that their collection is not good.They have this offer in which they give massive discount(close to 70-80%) on one book each week.

Junglee.com - It is a discovery tool to find out books and list of sellers who offer them online. Hence, this can be a good place to start your search.

Mysmartprice.com - Again, the solution to the problem on how to effectively use these sites and get the best deal. It compares the price of the book on all these sites and then displays them in the ascending order.

indiabookstore.net - Suggested by one of our blog readers, indiabookstore.net is a very impressive interfaced 'compare-engine' for books. They very efficiently search for the price of your book on different online bookstores and displays them for you.

The sites above are reliable and most have been used by our team one time or the other. If you want to add something not listed here or any queries regarding these sites just mention them in the comments.

We hope you find this list useful and it helps you read more!

Compiled by :
Harsh Anurag
Geological Technology
Loves Reading