Sunday, 5 August 2012

An Introduction to bookshelf

Bookshelf started out about a couple of years ago in Rajiv Bhawan with a mission to promote reading and discussions in IIT Roorkee. We have gone through a lot of experiences since then. We tried new things and tested new platforms, iterating all the while to make the process of renting and reading smooth and agile.

The developments bring us to our present form, though far from a stagnant one, it does reflect the experiences and feedback that we got from all of you, specially the early testers.
This post is for the benefit of those who are not yet familiar with how bookshelf works and what underlying values it encompasses.

How it works? 

We have a collection of novels. You can rent out the one you want by depositing a small sum of money (much less than the cost of the novel). You read and return the novel. We deduct a rent and return the deposit back.

Deposit and Rent?

The deposit is a meagre Rs 100 for any book. The rent for 10 days is Rs 20.

For example, for The Fountainhead (Flipkart Price: Rs. 380):
Deposit: Rs.100, Rent: Rs.20 per 10 days.


The rent is for each period of 10 days. After the first period is over, we will remind you and you can opt to retain the book for subsequent period if you wish.


We will provide you with the book in your rooms and take it back as well when you are done. The monetary transactions for deposit and rent will be done there as well. This is for boys as well as girls.

Collection and Ordering?

We will be updating our catalogue in a Google doc here. You can check out the titles which we have to offer.

You can order online here.

Alternatively you can call us at 09045839889 (Harsh Anurag) and lend your troubles to him.

Collection source?

The books which are in the collection are owned by fellow students. The owners whose books get rented get half of the rent paid for it. The essence of this system is discussed in a subsequent blog post.

an example shelf


We are trying to promote reading by guiding people to There you can check out the books your friends have read, update what all books you have read and see suggestions for further reading. 
You can also join our IIT Roorkee community on Goodreads by clicking here, look what others in college are reading and take part in discussions.

We are constantly adding new books and making it easier for you to access and read your favourites. For keeping updated on the latest additions and developments, like our page on facebook or subscribe to this blog on the top right of this page.
We hope we'll be able to help you read more.

Please tell us about any queries or suggestions that you might have in comments or through our facebook page.